Next Meeting: Wednesday 2/11/15 Baron Dekalb

Welcome to Bikers Of Brooklyn

We are family oriented riding club that has been riding together for many years as a former Brooklyn HOG chapter. We are all united by one passion - riding motorcycles. While most of our members ride Harley Davidson motorcycles we welcome other bikes as well.


When Brooklyn Harley Davidson dealership made a decision to become a Victory dealership, we got together and unanimously decided to continue riding together. On that historic day in 2010 former Brooklyn HOG chapter became Bikers Of Brooklyn.

Our Members

Our members come from different walks of life but we all share one passion - riding. Most of our free time we spend together exploring new roads and enjoying great scenery that can be noticed only from the seat of a motorcycle.
Some of our rides are long and some are short but they are always filled with fun and adventure. There is no better feeling than the comradely of riding with your brothers and sisters. To become a member of our club please contact one of our officers or fill in the application here and mail it in together with $50 to: 4809 Avenue N, Suite 120, Brooklyn, NY 11234